About TBC


TBC-Europe is a Luxemburgish company with an import-export activity and offering consulting services for international expansion.

TBC-Europe is part of TBC-World Group – present in Paris, Luxembourg, Montreal, Geneva and Bangalore – which offers consulting and international trade services, as well as innovative solutions of digital communication and technological integration. The Business Units of TBC-World are:
Arsha Consulting | TBC-Monde | Gaja Digital | Toboc




Amélie has worked in both France and India in various domains. During her five years in India, Amélie has worked in an Indian microfinance company, Asmitha Microfin, then at Schneider Electric, in the analysis of acceptability of innovations in India, China and Spain, and in global marketing. She now dedicated to guiding European and Indian companies in their international expansion projects and speaks French, English and Hindi.

Amélie ensures with her teams that every step of the expansion project is successful. Be it in export or sourcing of diverse products abroad, she takes on the realization of the market study, the feasibility study, the elaboration of the business plan, the selection of suppliers, manufacturers and/or vendors following rigorous and precise methodologies, thus until the market launch of the product.