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From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to West Bengal, an immense market is waiting for you.

Having been based in India for business for several years, we are the right people to help you throughout your expansion projects. With our French team based in Bangalore, we will help you adopt a pragmatic approach so as to better grab the opportunities, regardless of your initial perceptions of the country.

Our services for export include:

Furthermore, thanks to our digital agency based in Bangalore, you can benefit from our IT competencies that compose the reputation of India and of our marketing services to launch your brand on the Indian market.

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India, the new Eldorado of exporters

Although according to the 2011 census, the rural population represented 68% of the total Indian population, certain products penetrate the market remarkably fast today. Villagers without electricity just a few years ago now access the Internet on their mobile phones.

India leapfrogs technological progress over a just a few years where the western world has known the same evolution over decades. This phenomenon opens surprising possibilities with the speed at which the population is able to adopt new products as their own.

The Tier II and Tier III cities can be good entry points before turning towards Indian mega-cities which are gigantic but often already saturated on certain product ranges. Meanwhile, however, secondary cities may be even more difficult to comprehend for you.

Our network of partners enables us to link you with the right local partners without needing to manage the preliminary phases which can be lengthy, complex and risky.

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