India & Europe

Bilateral ties that hold potential

Today, more than 1000 French companies or subsidiaries are based in India. These establishments cover all activity sectors in which France has a know-how that’s famous across the world. An increasing number of French entrepreneurs – more than 150 at present – have already settled there to develop an activity in the country and offer their different expertise.


Luxembourg’s bilateral trade with India amounts to 66 million euros. The Duchy imports chemicals and engineering as well as textile from India, while it exports engineering, metals, and plastics from Luxembourg. Both countries cooperate in the field of civil aviation, with Chennai as an Indian base for the air cargo company Cargolux.


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Belgium is an important trade partner for India, the 2nd largest in the European Union with close to 15 billion euros of trade. In 2013, more than 80% of this bilateral trade was composed of precious and semi-precious stones, jewelry and metal. The Belgian interests in India include dredging, the chemical industry, engineering, financial products, electronics and software, fertilizers and biotechnologies.


The 5th largest trade partner of India in the world is Switzerland, with more than 20 billion euros of trade. It is also one of the most important investors in the country with 4 billion euros of direct investment and 250 companies and subsidiaries present there.


With more than 7 billion euros of bilateral trade, Italy is the 5th largest partner of India in the European Union. It exports machine-tools for textile among other applications, leather, organic products, automobile spares, stones and metals and Italian chemical products to India.

As you can see, the market opportunities are real and it is rare to find a product that India does buy or sell, or both.

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