Luxembourg – at the crossroads of Europe

An easy access to European markets

At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is a strategic access point to more than 500 million consumers. An hour’s flight away from London, Zurich, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt, it’s privileged location gives direct access to the biggest European markets and their distribution networks. The Great Duchy benefit from free circulation of goods and people in the European market and is one of the 18 member States that use the euro currency. 

We can help you establish a branch there to reach out to Europe and benefit from the many perks the country has to offer.

In terms of fiscal stability, Luxembourg has one of the lowest levels of national debt in Europe and offers a flexible and advantageous taxation framework. A company based in Luxembourg is subject to the lowest VAT rate in Europe and a foreign entrepreneur may, for certain transactions, outsource the VAT administration to a Luxembourg-based partner and thus benefit from the Luxembourgish VAT.

The modern infrastructure results in optimized logistics: Luxembourg has the 5th biggest freight airport in Europe, the highest railway density in the world and is linked, via the Mertert port, to the Rhine-Moselle network which reaches out to the international harbors of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Furthermore, the Luxembourgish workforce is highly qualified and multilingual. A third of the working population speaks an extra language other than the three mother tongues - English, German and French- , and two thirds of the workers come from a foreign country. At the head of productivity per employee rakings, Luxembourg has an average of 8 researchers for 1000 workers (the EU average being 6) and the highest concentration of engineers in Europe (3%).

We help you through each step of your expansion project in Europe with or via Luxembourg.